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Part-time VP of Sales

I believe in “Easy Fixes, Big Wins” to your toughest sales challenges. As your part-time VP of Sales I work with you on a tailored plan to best suit the growth needs of your business.

I only take on a maximum of 5 clients at a time and work with each client for 3 months only (Yes you will be operating at a high sales intensity within 3 months and should no longer need me).

Weekly Sales Execution

High intensity Sales Execution is a recurring challenge for many companies. I work with the Sales Team via weekly calls to drive short-term actions which deliver long-term gains. It's pointless waiting for everything to be perfect before driving change because it never will be. You just have to start. I sit with the team and bring an intensity / urgency that in turn drives sales growth.

Tailored Sales & Leadership Workshops

I provide tailored Sales & Leadership workshops on a range of areas where I create a vibrant winning workshop environment but most importantly focusing on how to apply this content to create "easy Fixes, Big Wins for your organization.


This is a "catch all" where I work with clients on a range of C-suite coaching, process, communication and leadership projects. 



The A to Z of Startup sales

A course that gives you the confidence to build a sales strategy for your startup. It's filled with proven tips and strategies you can start using today from someone who began "Startup" life with no formal sales experience. This is the sales course I wish I could have taken back in 2007.








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