Sales is about protecting customers from making bad decisions.


No one likes the feeling that they are being sold to. Period. In fact the fear of being "sold to" by "pushy" sales people is what puts many people off a career in sales. Some traditional sales techniques are so one sided in favour of the seller that prospective customers often feel that they are not getting the full picture. 

The world has changed and here are 5 tips to help you increase sales conversions, remove pipeline blockages and give your sales numbers a boost.

1. Sales is about protection - Protecting the customer from making a bad decision. Genuinely try to see it from the customers perspective. If there is a good fit between your product/service and the targets needs then develop the conversation. If there isn't a fit then tell them, ask for a referral and they will respect that you didn't pitch them. Life is too short and you cannot sell the unsellable.

2. Understand your customers needs - Never lead with a demo. I mean how can you pitch something to a target customer when you don't fully understand if what you offer is relevant and a good fit. Otherwise you are just being "Salesly". It doesn't work. 

3. Discuss differences in value across the options available in the market - Being afraid to talk about competitor options is short sighted and a disadvantage to you the sales person. Be confident, transparent and look to help the target customer make the right decision for their business. 

4. Give honest guidance - Your product will not always be the best option. Recognize this, embrace it and be honest in your feedback to your customers and prospective customers. This ultra professional approach will stand you in good stead as well as opening new doors of opportunity.

5. Stay true to all of the above - A sales career is a long term game and while there will be short-term opportunities, being true to these values will allow you to develop the strongest relationships more akin to a trusted advisor than that of a sales person. Furthermore, it's a small world out there and word travels fast so be the "go to" sales person in your sector who customers and prospective customers feel good about calling.

Remember if you hear yourself sounding "Salesy" then STOP - You can't win them all!   


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