Making Your Biggest Sale - 6 Easy Fixes

1. Speak their language - Take time to understand the drivers of your target market, the biggest challenges they face, the language they use and having an educated perspective where you can “add value” to the conversation will benefit you, get you more access and more acceptance in this market.

2. Position yourself in the market - You need to build simple and clear messaging around the value you offer. The narrower and deeper you can go with this value the more of an expert you become in the eyes of your target market buyers. Buyers have never had access to so much knowledge that will allow them to spot “bull-shitters” a mile away and similarly appreciate those who add value. Be in the "value" business.

3. Leverage current or previous success - If you are pitching to a large company the size of which you have not signed up before then you need to focus on three things: -

  • The experiences or achievements that entitle you to be at the buyer’s table.
  • The success you have had with smaller customers, what those customers are saying about the concerns your larger company buyer may have and how you can scale to ensure delivery for larger customers. You were once “new” to smaller customers as well…
  • Demonstrate that your on-boarding process is rock-solid, scalable, aligned to customer use development with support tools like #Slack and #Intercom to provide a dedicated customer support experience.

4. Expect quicker decisions - Be ready to provide quick answers and solutions they can access today.

5. Show emotional intelligence – Develop an ability to move with the conversations to give more value with insights and making it all about giving value.

6. Be Authentic - Be yourself. Life is too short not to be. People buy from people and good buyers in particular will categorize you into silos such as “The Salesman” “The Bull-Shitter”, “The Affable”, “The Expert”. You always want to appear in the affable or expert silos and being yourself is the biggest influencer in achieving this.

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