Fancy a career in Sales? Why NO experience is good!

Once you embrace the new reality that sales is primarily a science that anyone can learn it's a great "leveller" in the sales playing field. The great thing about this mindset is that you come at it from a position of wanting to learn.

This puts you one at least step ahead of all the average sales people out there and whether you are developing a career in sales or you want to be in control of the sales process as you grow your business, provided you are a quick and committed learner, there is strangely enough a huge benefit to having limited or no formal sales experience.

But don't mix this up with not having sales process street smarts as they are essential early stage learning.

How can it work if I know very little or nothing?

If you are truly committed to learning the science of sales then you will appreciate that there are key stages in the process from developing your "value" messaging to testing lead generation channels to closing the sale. Little or no sales experience doesn't mean that you treat the process as an amateur and if anything it gets you focused on the "Why?" of everything you are doing.

This healthy naievity will raise the bar for you, your sales team and customer success team in time. You will not settle for average, the sales process is the same for every company in your space, you look to those peer companies or competitors who have done a great job and you adopt a "why not" attitude to building a process equally as good if not better that the best in your space. Most of the answers are low cost, process driven and supported by slick software enabling tools.

Automation is at the heart of scaling and it's also your sales process best friend as long as it supports personalized communication!

So go ahead, apply a learning mindset, listen to great startup and growth hacking podcasts, take encouragement from the best "Doers" out there like Gary Vaynerchuk ( which promote a no nonsense approach to the myths surrounding startup success.

I work with new startup companies each week as well as larger successful companies and the "winning process" is the same. Strong value messaging + product market testing + proven lead generation channels + process driven activity + learning + tweaking + Repeating = Highest chances of success.