How to build a lead generation execution plan

One of the biggest gaps I see at this stage in the process from the many startups I have worked in or with is the lack of a structured execution plan.

This not only helps you to get focused but it also is a great way to demonstrate to team members, new hires and even would be investors that there is a plan.

A lead generation execution plan can never be perfect as it will continue to evolve as the business evolves, the marketing techniques being tested provide valuable insights or as you try out new channels. The key is to start the process and even if it's just on excel/google sheet, you should incorporate three key stages: -

1) Testing stage

2) Feedback analysis stage

3) Tweak, implement and repeat stage

In the early days of a startup it's good to get into some good habits particularly when both time and money are in limited supply.

The benefits of developing a lead generation execution plan includes: -

  • Focus.

  • Structure to repeat for other category tasks (HR, Finance, Sales).

  • Visibility to team, new hires, investors.

  • Victory stacking - When you feel you are making little progress, look at the plan and take encouragement from what you have achieved.

  • A tool to track what’s working, what is not and to redefine new tasks in light of this learning.

  • Holds you to account to get tasks done by a certain time/date.

  • Overall a good discipline to get into and will allow you as the business develops.

There are lots of software products you can use to set up an execution plan and I have included a PDF of one I put together in 5 minutes just now on Excel. My favorite tool which I feel is best aligned to the execution process is

Check out the video to help you visualize the simplicity and transparency it provides. Oh and before you ask, no I do not have an affiliate relationship with them so this is a 100% objective steer!