How to find your target market

It's important to be very clear on the problem you are solving in as few words as possible and whether you are pitching an idea to a prospective customer, an influencer in your target market or to an investor it's important to be brief and clear on the value you offer.

The value you offer should be defined through one or a combination of the following value points: 
- Cost Saving
- Efficiency / Speed enabler
- Compliance benefit
- Challenge game changer (e.g., a new cancer management drug)

PRO TIP - Remember it's more about the value you deliver than how you deliver it. Many product founders fall into this trap where they focus on product features because it's like a "baby" they have conceived and are nurturing. The reality is that how you deliver the value you give is secondary to the value on offer. So sit in their shoes and adopt a "What's in it or me?" approach.

This is the type of "value" language your prospective customer will understand and given that ultimately they will usually buy based on one of these challenges, by speaking their language you will be best placed to: -

A) Get them to understand your value
B) Increase your chances of getting in front of them
C) Bring you towards a next step to qualify them out

Qualify them in and progress them along your sales pipeline (more on this later).