Part-time VP of Sales

I believe in “Easy Fixes, Big Wins” to your toughest sales challenges. As your part-time VP of Sales I work with you on a tailored plan to best suit the growth needs of your business.

I only take on a maximum of 5 clients at a time and work with each client for 3 months only (Yes you will be operating at a high sales intensity within 3 months and should no longer need me).

Six-Week Sales Growth Program

I provide a Proven Sales Growth Program in a group environment that will set you up for Sales Success. It’s full of “Easy Fixes, Big Winsfor those who like to learn in a group environment where the dynamic is built on active participation, sharing of ideas and helping each other to win.

Tailored Sales & Leadership Workshops

I provide tailored Sales & Leadership workshops on a range of areas where I create a vibrant winning workshop environment but most importantly focusing on how to apply this content to create "easy Fixes, Big Wins for your organization.


This is a "catch all" where I work with clients on a range of coaching, process, communication and leadership projects.