Six-Week Sales Growth Program

What You Will Learn

-       Product Market Fit – Getting it right before scaling

-       The science of selling that anyone can learn

-       How to design the sales process for your business delivering optimal results

-       How to overcome sales pipeline blockages you will meet on your journey

-       Design a sales execution plan for your business

-       How to run weekly sales execution meetings

-       Growth hacking strategies

-       Price, Negotiation and Closing the sale

-       Successfully onboarding, upselling and generating more leads

-       Hiring the best sales people for your organization – stacking the odds in your favor

-       How to mentor your sales team to succeed in the long-term

-       Pitching investors for funding – The Do’s and Dont’s


·      1 hour group session per week for 6 weeks

·      2 hour one-on-one sessions

·      Content library including “bonus” content

·      Private Facebook Group to share resources, thoughts and learning’s.

·      Program limited to 5 members


In order to ensure success it’s important to have a high performing group who are committed to: -

-       Learning

-       Testing new strategies

-       Active participation

-       Sharing experiences

Who is this program for?

Startup entrepreneurs planning a Series A funding round within the next 12 months OR established businesses who have hit a slump and are committed to embracing new strategies to re-ignite their sales.

Cost - $997 per person