Part-time VP of Sales

I believe in “Easy Fixes, Big Wins” to your biggest sales challenges. As your part-time VP of Sales I work with you on a tailored plan to best suit the growth needs of your business.

What You Will Learn

·    The science of selling that anyone can learn

·    How to design the sales process for your business delivering optimal results

·    How to overcome sales pipeline blockages you will meet on your journey

·    Design a sales execution plan for your business

·    How to run weekly sales execution meetings

·    Growth hacking strategies in 2017

·    Price, Negotiation and Closing the sale

·    Hiring the best sales people for your organization – stacking the odds in your favor

·    How to mentor your sales team to succeed in the long-term

·    Pitching investors for funding – The Do’s and Dont’s

Cost: - from $1,250 per month.

I only take on a maximum of 5 clients at a time and work with each client for 3 months only (Yes – you will be operating at a high sales intensity within 3 months and should no longer need me).