Tailored Sales & Leadership Workshops

What Workshop Attendees Learn (by workshop)

·      The A to Z of Startup Sales, a science anyone can learn

·      How to generate your first 10 sales leads

·      Winning sales hacks in 2017 that you can implement today

·      Design or revise your Sale Process to produce the best results

·      Develop a Sales Execution Plan driven by a weekly execution meeting

·      How to close your first / next 10 sales

·      Sales process review and removing blockages

·      Sales leadership development – How to mentor your sales team

·      Crash course in sales skills, techniques and strategies for small business

·      Lead generation by telephone – How to Win!

Workshop Structure

Pre Workshop – Meeting with client to understand workshop requirements, the business, current / future challenges and to allow me to design a tailored workshop to deliver the best results.

Day of Workshop – Content delivery in a participative workshop environment

Post Workshop – Minimum 2 x 1-hour sessions with the team to support the implementation of the workshop content. This ensures stronger results, collective responsibility across the participants and a change to tweak the implementation to best fit the business requirements.